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Phoenix Tries Challenging PD

Phoenix tries to be as impassive as possible, hoping that PD will get bored and move on soon, but to […]

Never Say (Nyssa) Nevers

For some reason Nyssa Nevers cannot make up her mind. She screams every time PD hits her and filling her […]

Elise Gets Fucked With

Elise is suspended from her stomach in a hogtie and she has a feeling that things are about to get […]

Ashley Graham Squirts Everywhere

Ashley Graham makes a mess every time she cums. It is not just that she squirts. She cums like a […]

Lavender Rayne Caught Trespassing

PD takes his property seriously and trespassers are normally shot on sight but for sexy Lavender Rayne he is willing […]

Hailey in the Dark

Hailey Young cannot even see what is coming. She hears the steps around her but she has no idea who […]

Elise Graves Goes Camping

Elise Graves decided that for her trip to the farm with PD she wanted to get the total BDSM experience. […]

Nyssa Never Says Never HARTIED

Nyssa Nevers told us before that she enjoys the most intense pain and humiliation. It is not hard to see […]

Hailey Gets Her Surprise

Hailey Young is excited to submit. While she complains about the humiliating violations PD inflicts on her, her body tells […]

Sasha Meets Hazel Hypnotic

Sasha is a pretty young thing that looks like a girl next door, but her fa�ade can not fool PD. […]

Dixon Gets Her Wish HARTIED

Dixon Mason is a pretty new slut that has decided she wants to work with PD. It is a decision […]

Getting Iona Grace Ready

PD does not even take the time to explain to Iona Grace why he is doing these things to her […]

Why Nyssa Never Complains

PD ties up Nyssa Nevers and starts with a bit of tickling. It does not hurt and she should count […]

Hazel Visits Camp Cunt

Most people consider the woods to be far away from any kind of interference, but standing out there naked has […]

Juliette Learns to Yield

What starts as a pleasant drive through the country is going to end as anything but. Juliette Black is young […]

Crossing the Dixon Line

PD is the source that all of the pleasure flows from for Dixon Mason. Her love of rope is intense […]

Iona Grace Gets Unwrapped HARTIED

Iona Grace has great features but not so good they cannot be improved with a little bit of imagination. Packing […]

Claire Adams Gets Bent

Claire Adams is no stranger to the trials of being in a cage. Being uncomfortable is not new. Being hung […]

Rain Cries a River HARTIED

Everyone sheds a tear from time to time, but when it is Rain they pour. Rain DeGrey has a hard […]

Sasha Pissed Off Claire

There are probably ways Sasha could have avoided this fate. Whatever she did to Claire Adams to piss her off, […]

Cheyenne Jewel in Denial

It first it may be confusing for Cheyenne Jewel. She knows she should be afraid of Claire Adams but she […]

Juliette Gives Herself Up

A lot of women have cum on this mattress. And PD said it best himself, Juliette Black will be just […]

Alexxa Loves Getting Spread

Alexxa Bound describes herself as perpetually wet. It is true. She is dripping from the second PD has her in […]

Dixon Tours Our Offices

Dixon Mason is getting a tour of some old offices with PD. She will not be able to take in […]

Cumming on Juliette March HARTIED

Juliette March loves making men happy. What better way for her to show her dedication than to suck PD off […]

Juliette the Pretty Liar

A slut like Juliette Black is only good for the holes in her body. She needs to be taught that […]

Hazel Makes Her Wishlist HARTIED

Sister Dee has come back and wants to meet the new slut on the block. That would be Hazel Hypnotic, […]

Katharine Cane Loves Screaming

The one thing PD likes more than a young slut who knows how to scream is one who knows how […]

Juliette Black Goes MIssing

Pay no attention to the slut inside the box, Juliette. If you can make PD happy maybe you will never […]

Alexxa Bound Get Bound

Her name is Alexxa Bound and it is an appropriate name. She is not going anywhere today. That is just […]

Odile the Graceless Slut HARTIED

Odile is not the most graceful of sluts to come our way but that will not stop PD from enjoying […]

PD Keeping Elise Graves

Well, little Miss Elise Graves, I hope you are ready for a day full of rope, cocks and canes because […]

Gift Wrapped Sister Dee HARTIED

This party got started at Infernal Restraints but it has only gotten better here. Sister Dee is a gift for […]

Dixon Mason Gets Shared HARTIED

What happens when Elise Graves and PD want to use Dixon Mason at the same time? Well, like any good […]

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