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Niki Earns her Squirt

Niki is a flexible submissive with a very hot talent. When she cums she squirts enough to flood a room. […]

Trina Michaels Faces Cyd

Cyd Black does things to Trina Michaels that test the limits of her endurance. Her legs, pussy, ass and tits […]

Claire Adams handles SD

Sister Dee was about to have the time of her life with Claire Adams, but before SD had even uncoiled […]

412 And Claire Celebrate

When 412 got a new job she decided to hang out with Claire Adams and celebrate. She seemed surprised when […]

Claire Adams handles SD

Sister Dee was about to have the time of her life with Claire Adams, but before SD had even uncoiled […]

Young Fit Slut Bethany

Bethany is a young bondage slut and PD is the professorial, and perverse, old man. He knows a million ways […]

Sarah Jane Attempts Escape

PD must really like Sarah Jane Ceylon. He is nicer to her than the other pretty sluts that he keeps. […]

Dia Loves Satisfying Claire

Dia Zerva is caught up in a tangled web, woven by Claire Adams. Every new devious design that comes up […]

Catherine DeSade Readily Submits

Catherine DeSade knows that the key to making a man hot is submission. If she can satisfy him then she […]

Elise Getting Cocksucking Classes

PD wanted his cock sucked and he wanted it done well, so when Elise Graves manages to botch the job […]

Rain is Completely Powerless

For Rain Degrey this fantasy does not end in smiles. She came to PD because she wanted him to lay […]

A Mindfucks Rain Degrey

Master A normally prefers corporal punishment, but today he is feeling especially sadistic, so he will play mind games with […]

Bronte Is Getting Pulverized

The only thing Bronte loves more than a bit of cock is a lot of pain. Claire Adams handles her […]

Dana Wants a Pain-gasm

Dana Vixen says that her best orgasms are when she is suffering. She has not cum from pain yet, but […]

Fishing Line Binds Niki

When Lil Niki Nymph talks about her limits the conversation is all about how much she loves to be challenged. […]

Lorna Feels The Anticipation

Lorna is going to have to learn: when Master A says he wants to see her cum it means he […]

Claire Severely Torments Nicki

Nicki Blue was a rare commodity. When she came to us she was a girl who still had the last […]

Jade Volunteers For Electricity

Jade Indica volunteered for some electrical play with Claire Adams. All she thought it would involve was a few stim […]

Emily Marilyn gets Plowed

Claire Adams does not care about Emily Marilyn as much as she does her body and all of the perverse […]

Piper Gets Caught Lying

Piper says she wants to please Master A but she is just looking for a way to get over and […]

Dana Vixen Is Exposed

Dana Vixen is finding out what it means to be exposed. Her stockings provide no protection against the depravity Claire […]

Hazel Becomes a Volunteer

Hazel Hypnotic came through the door ready to submit to a strong person. SD gave her the tour and gift […]

Ashley Calls For God

On Ash Wednesday Ashley Graham was suffering for Master A and called out for Divine Intervention. What he gave her […]

Tricia Oaks Sending Signals HARTIED

Tricia Oaks is no stranger to pain. She has spent enough time with PD to know what to expect. He […]

Sybil Gets Bleary Eyed

Tight bondage is what makes Sybil Hawthorne hot. She loves the feeling of rope against her skin. It is rough, […]

AShley Repents Her Blasphemy

Earlier Ashley Graham made a terrible mistake and she is still suffering for it. She called out for god and […]

Kylie Gets Real Education

Kylie has done her due diligence. She has spent years researching everything that goes into an erotic and intense BDSM […]

Nicki Is Travelling Entertainment

The radio may be busted for their road trip but SD and PD can get some excellent sounds out of […]

Elise Uses Her Mouth

Elise Graves is good with her mouth. She knows how to suck a cock and she moans so prettily whenever […]

314 In Dengrating Bondage

It is not the cock that 314 loves. It is the humiliating feeling of being used and the knowledge that […]

Phoenix Tries Challenging PD

Phoenix tries to be as impassive as possible, hoping that PD will get bored and move on soon, but to […]

Nicki Suffers So Sweetly

PD was so infatuated with Nicki Blue and her tight little body last time he saw her that she knew […]

Elise Gets Fucked With

Elise is suspended from her stomach in a hogtie and she has a feeling that things are about to get […]

Never Say (Nyssa) Nevers

For some reason Nyssa Nevers cannot make up her mind. She screams every time PD hits her and filling her […]

Ashley Graham Squirts Everywhere

Ashley Graham makes a mess every time she cums. It is not just that she squirts. She cums like a […]