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Cali Couture is pretty new to the industry

She did a few things, but nothing note worthy. She walked in today and sat down and said, “God I’m […]

Kendra Star can now officially add Star to her name

It was like the running of the bulls on Kendra’s throat. She tossed her lunch like a bulimic. She has […]

Honey Dejour is no stranger to the industry but she is definitely a stranger to extreme porn

When she got on her knees she was all bubbly smiles until the first cock jammed her tonsils and she […]

Bella Rios did some foofy work before for a few typical porn sites

Nothing noteworthy like this. You could tell she was used to having her hand held like a little princess prior […]

Jessie Rosario is a local latina who wanted to see what doing a porn was all about

She’s only 19 too! She’s that type of latina who’s pretty damn ghetto. Probably lives on top of some bodega […]

Latina Abuse Sienna is petite Puerto Rican & Cuban mix

She is from NYC, and came here to do her first ever porno. She is only 19 and never experienced […]

Latina Abuse Sexy's boyfriend sent her up here

so she could bring home some money for this month’s rent SEE FULL LATINA ABUSE MOVIES HERE

Latina Abuse Lorena Not much happened here

Literally. Remember Tyson in his prime sat people down in 90 seconds? This was like that. She got on her […]

Latina Abuse Asshole was a cock crazy diva

She turned into The Incredible Senorita with a green face filled with guacamole. She was a true glutton for punishment […]

Deanna is another Latina diva who wanted to quit halfway through

I can tell you one thing for sure: you Latinas have the worst work ethic. Anyways, a few good slaps […]

Misty Mason came here today to do a scene

A month ago, her sister, Mya Mason, came here. And let’s just say she did a little better. Misty tapped […]

Facial Abuse Eve Evans didn't feel like working today

So she quit a little early. I tell ya, these Latinas are tough to film because they are always worried […]

Latina Abuse Georgia Lopez

Today I’m full of brown pride. I mean who wouldn’t be! We have a new heavyweight champ in the UFC. […]

Alexa X was a strong willed latina teen that was hard to break

In her personal life she wears the pants, so it was tough for her excepting her new role as a […]

Nataly Rosa is a cute Puerto Rican with the cutest face, and really long legs

They probably help her run from the police or jump borders with ease. She was a diva too, but I […]

Crazy Whore Charley Chase is one crazy girl

When she began to get face fucked and it began to go deep beyond the dignity gland located in the […]

Latina Abuse Letti is a hot little latina piece of ass. S

he told us she has only been with 2 guys in here life. So we had fun doubling her life […]

Latina Abuse Taylor Ray

is the reason I want a brick wall between our country and Latin America. You can’t even deal with this […]

Latina Abuse Sasha is an 18 year old PR straight from the hood.

She is here today doing her first porno. It was tough getting her in here because her gangsta boyfriend is […]

Degraded Latina Whore Poor little Jasmine Gomez

She’s had a rough life. Her biological parents gave her up and her adopted parents don’t approve of the whore […]

Latina Abuse Envy

I remember sitting in Spanish Harlem waiting for Envy to try to escape from her padre. Big Red and I […]

Amazing Latina Ass Pounded Janessa Ortiz

is a sexy little 19 year old. Her ass is amazing. Seriously. That’s about the best thing she has going […]

Latina Abuse Ryan Sky simply looked better with a bag over head

I’m not saying she’s ugly; she’s actually pretty cute. She just looks better with a bag over her head. She […]

Maritza is off the banana boat from Colombia

Something happened to her during child birth and she has 1 1/8 a vagina. There is the normal hole, and […]

Latina Abuse Pepper Foxxx is a 20 year old cute Latina

who never did an extreme scene before. So we shoved her in the dog cage and put cocks through the […]

Allaura Sweet is pretty new to the whore circuit

v she only did a few scenes before but never something quite like this. I think she was shocked when […]

Mia Mendez in Latina Abused Fucked Hard

t seems like something up above is looking out for me! Today, we have the opportunity to break the porn […]

Laurie Vargas is one of the cutest little beaners I have ever seen

She had a meaty ass, great tits, pouty lips, and a pussy that would squirt everytime she came. She really […]

Latina Abuse Azra We met this 19 year old Dominican girl at a fast food joint

I thought she could use some extra cash so I asked her if she wanted to do a porn shoot. […]

Lily Charms Lily Charms is a real fine piece of Latina ass

She’s 18 years old, has beautiful tits, a nice ass and a tight hairless pussy. She’s new to porn and […]

Latina Abuse Selena Skye is a cute little Latina whore

who is about to experience her first time getting an ass whoopin’. I was surprised at the amount of abuse […]

Petite Latina Danielle Sky Fucking yummy

Danielle Sky is a petite little piece of cunt with a pretty face and nice tan lines. Today, she came […]

Teen Latina Whore Viana turned 18 years old only two months ago

Teen Latina Whore Viana already she’s selling that pussy on the internet, and behind her fiance’s back. That shit’s crazy! […]

Latina Abuse Nicki is a pain in the ass PR

She’s one of those bisexuals that like women more than men, and think that men shouldn’t be allowed to have […]

Tight Latina Teen Pussy Karina is the pinnacle

of someone who is naive from living in a sheltered 3rd world country her entire life. From the moment we […]