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Rainie Mae is a chubby emo girl

We certainly gave her something to cry about. Pauly’s big cock was too much for her to handle so she […]

Facial Abuse The SexXxtons

v With all the retarded reality shows that they shove down our throats these days, this family would be a […]

Charlee Anh I made this movie to be as much of a distraction from this very stressful day

Whether it’s the start of fasting, or tax day to you, you are going to do a cannonball into madness. […]

Kathryn Part of me feels bad for Kathryn

Her agent totally fucking blindsided her with this shoot. You see, Kathryn has never did anything as extreme as this […]

Facial Abuse Ayana I never had Polynesian pussy before

but now highly recommend it. Ayana got her Tongan tonsils knocked around. This was her first real hardcore film, and […]

Facial Abuse Nala Nala

walked in thinking she was this extreme chick because she did a face fucking scene for one of the local […]

Ivy Monroe Ivy Monroe is a big booty white girl with red hair like Carrot Top

Her life reads like any typical movie of the week on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Her dad’s a pastor, she […]

Facial Abuse Iridal 2

It takes a pair of Ovarian Testicles to even make it to the Facial Abuse set, let alone twice. That […]

Face Fucked Weirdo Brynn

For some reason, Bootleg really liked this weirdo. Yeah, she was cute and all… but in my professional opinion, she […]

Facial Abuse Moxxie Madron

Moxxie Maddron. Yea, I know, this is Moxxie’s 3rd time here. But what am I supposed to do when every […]

Facial Abuse Rikki Love

Rikki Love actually grew up in the town I grew up in, and only a few blocks away too. When […]

Facial Abuse Vanessa Naughty

Vanessa has been trying to get this gig for about 2 years now. Finally, we give her her big shot. […]

Good Little Whore Dixie Comet

is doing her first extreme porn. What’s cute about her is she is your typical girl next door and still […]

Three Holed Circus No connection to Randy Rhodes

, but when it comes to being on the road too long this bitch takes the cake. Just turing into […]

Delilah Delilah is a diamond in the rough

She’s the type of girl who lets you kick her ass and just takes it with a smile. In fact, […]

Kacey V And Hailey Young Kacey

got the chance to sit on our couch recently after a small hiatus from the wonderful world of porn. While […]

Bella Luciano DP'd

Bella Luciano is another up and coming porn star who probably just made the single biggest decision to separate herself […]

Fat Hipster Skank Thelma

.. now tell me that isn’t the most boring and non sexiest porn name ever. I bet she was named […]

Abused Asian Whore

I wasn’t at the helm the first time Gaia spread her legs for Facial Abuse, but I’m glad to be […]

Korean Hipster Whore Kim Seoul is half Korean, half hipster

v The Korean part of her wanted to do our laundry and teach us karate while the hipster part wanted […]

Chubby Emo Pig Devon O'Rielly

is a chubby emo pigv Unlike the majority of the whores we shoot, this skank actually was wearing sexy lingerie […]

Hailey Young Ass Fucked

Hailey Young is back… and guess what, she’s not getting any prettier. In fact, she looked like shit ran over […]

Jessica Rabbit Face Fucked

Jessica Rabbit is a 21 year old newcomer to the porn business. She’s a sweet and trusting girl… so much […]

Hot Whore Jayden Lee

Holy shitv Jayden Lee is smoking hot. Her body is sick, man… SICK!!! On top of that, she’s trying to […]

Elise Seduces Siren Wolf HARDTIED

Juliette Gets Twice Kissed HARDTIED

Juliette March and Elise Graves are going to play some games but that is really just an opening act. A […]

Taurus Angel, Cautious Cow HARDTIED

Matt Strikes Miah Gold HARDTIED

Hailey Faces Over Stimulation HARDTIED

Cici Rhodes Loves Ropes HARDTIED

We Welcome Maggie Mead HARDTIED

Marina Learns About Solicitation HARDTIED

Katharine Cane Gets Stretched HARDTIED

Hot Weather Hot Holly HARDTIED

Elise Explores Coral's Body HARDTIED