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Tease Toy Mia Gold showed up on my door step with a love of bondage and banging body

Who am I to pass on a gift like that? Look at her! She has tight tits, a great ass, […]

Giggles McGee Hardtied

It starts off as a simple floor tie get more elaborate by the minute. Vivi gets bent over the first […]

The rope between her legs has been rubbing at the sides of Maddy O'Reilly's clit for what feels like forever

It has her so horny she would practically beg for a good, rough fucking. The tight bondage and tough corporal […]

The Good Little Slave Veruca James

Take one look at this hot ass piece of meat and imagine all of the dirty things you would do […]

Wet and Desperate Maddy O'Reilly came to me for tight bondage

She showed up on my door step asking, practically begging, to have rope wound around her until she could hardly […]

Bitch in a Bag Chanell Heart gets dragged into the room in a bag

That is how we take delivery of our cunts around here. These days we just pull them across the floor, […]

Hot Summer India Summer is certainly aptly named, because she's hot as hell

She doesn’t have very much experience with our special brand of bondage, but she’ll learn to love it soon. Cyd […]

Confessions of a Homewrecker Emma Haize

said the magic words as soon as we got her on set. “I just love the feeling of someone having […]

Submission One word says it all with Yulia Catava: Submission

It is her ultimate desire to submit to a higher force power and find something greater than herself. Some people […]

First Date Mia Li is an exotic Asian beauty

She has marvelous, big, sensitive tits, practically begging to be tied off, pinched, or clamped. Her ass is so nice […]

Pussy Punishment Payback They say you should do on to others as you would have them do to you. Well

Jeze Belle did a very bad thing and she is about to get an object lesson in reciprocity. She tore […]

Loud Daisy Ducati is something like a pain slut

By that she means she loves having her body tested, being pushed into subspace, and suffering as much painful punishment […]

Teen Whore Jolee Jolee is a pretty cute 19 year old from North Carolina

who has a homo pimp agent who likes to pretend to be girls on the internet. Pretty sad, right? So, […]

A Dream Realized Elise Graves and Emma

Today is a very special day indeed. It is the meeting up of two legendary Queens of Pain. Elise Graves […]

Facial Abuse Leihla Leionni

Leihla Leionni is a cute 21 year old from down South. She is under 5 feet tall and has some […]

Facial Abuse Marsha Marsha is a first timer from Texas

She’s not the hottest thing to come prancing into our studio, especially since I made a stink about the quality […]

Titty Fucking Chubby Kandi

How awesome is this? Here’s a chubby chick that calls herself Kandi Sweets. You don’t get better than that. If […]

18 yr old Emo Whore Dolly Valentine is an 18 year old emo whore

who showed up dressed like she either just broke out of jail or was impersonating the Hamburgular. She got emotional […]

Hot Arab Whore Nasheema

is an Arab hottie that is as far out of place being here as you can imagine. She’s free from […]

Old Whore Destroyed Lillian Tesh

is an old broad. She’s 51 years old. However, she’s in peak physical shape. In fact, her body and work […]

Sue Sue is a fruit at its peak ripeness

any more time and her looks will expire. While she’s young and fresh right now she was plucked to suck […]

Puke Face Puke Face

The name says it all. She was a retard too. You know when someone is just so damn dumb you […]

Facial Abuse Lacey Jones

This is a stupid piece of shit hick who wasted my day. Typical white trash with no work ethic. At […]

Two Nuts To The Face Hazel Allure is back, and honestly

no one really gives a shit. Truth be told, we needed an update and figured “Oh well… she’s not the […]

Facial Punishment Johane is a hot import from Mother Russia.

She learned all the tricks of the trade whoring there. When she sat on our couch, she claimed she was […]

Teen Indian Whore It's rare that we get an 18 year old and an Indian at the same time

.. and after seeing this, you’ll see why. These poor Indian bitches live sheltered lives. This whore only had sex […]

Part Time Whore Anjelica Bleu

reminds me of one of those retro style pin-up girls. She has a nice look to her complete with big […]

Lucy Levon is a hot Asian piece of ass who should be playing piano or mastering mathematics,

but instead… she’s on her knees getting her face fucked like the countless whores before her. Why is she here? […]

Facial Abuse Sasha Yung

Sasha Yung is 19 years old. She came in wearing her chearleading outfit, and she’s a legit cheerleader, or at […]

Ass Fuckign Gia Love

Giav Love is nothing special… especially when you take her cankles into consideration. The upper part of her body seemed […]

Petite Submissive Latina Alexis Perez

is a lean Latina with an awesome submissive personality. She has daddy issues, all of which were explored by Bootleg […]

Nubile Whore Jolee Jolee is back and she looks just as good

if not better than her first visit. She has the nice and lean body that gets my dick hard. I […]

Hot Whore This bitch is what we call "Model Hot

.. meaning if she weren’t so stupid, she could make money posing in magazines with her clothes on instead of […]

Ellie Mae Taps Out

Ellie Mae is a nice girl, but she totally sucks at being a porn star. I have too much respect […]

All Holes Were For The Taking You guys know me.

I hate these whores. I hate them before they even walk in the door, but every once in a while… […]