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Obedient Bitch Bianca Moore is pretty hot

She’s 26 years old and now deciding to do porn. I guess people can really make stupid mistakes as they […]

Ghetto Gaggers Delyla Maxxx Holy Delyla with hooker heels on her feet

Delyla is a very pretty hoodrat. Red turned her into a Big Top 3 hole circus ghetto sideshow. Delyla got […]

Ghetto Gaggers Vixen Vixen is a sassy ghetto fabulous beyatch with more attitude than Harlem has crack

She needed a learnin’ by some white cocks to remove the sass from her chicken head bobbin’ back and forth […]

Raven and Lyra Mess With Taken Man

Get Punished Cute sexy teen girl Lyra gives a rough fuck punishment to her boyfriends other girl named Raven by […]

Ghetto Gaggers Hydie Waters

Everything was going smooth in the interview, a couple laughs etc etc. Then things changed and Hydie was in deep […]

Ghetto Gaggers Jayme Jewelz

Jayme Jewelz came with a good attitude ready to get worked. The guys treated her like a car on a […]

Ghetto Gaggers Anastasia Anastasia came back for the second time by herself

The last time she was here she brought along Olivia, who we destroyed too. But this time, Anastasia was all […]

Ally Berry Spoiled Rotten Gold digger

hot teen girl Ally Berry gets a hard fuck punishment from her boyfriends mean oversized meatstick after getting home from […]

Lily Rader Dear Diary I Want To Be Fucked

Hard Pretty young teen babe Lily Rader gets a rough fuck from her boyfriends colossal tough cock while being tied […]

Jalisa Has No Shame Jalisa is a hood booger

She has scars on her that resemble bullet wounds from angry pimps. She’s also what we would call ghetto fabulous. […]

Ghetto Gaggers Beautii Bey My friends this is Mr.Drummond's last scene

He was involved in a tragic car accident after leaving this night. To live in hearts we leave behind is […]

Ghetto Gaggers Destiny Day Call it Destiny

I’ve been trying to get Destiny Day for years. Everytime I called her she said, “I’m not ready, Duke.” Last […]

Sharea Sharea is a light skin whore with blonde hair

She looks like a burnt Paris Hilton… but uglier and with a bigger forehead. Apart from her being dumb as […]

Ghetto Gaggers Taylor Starr If one were to overlook Taylor's cockeye, she is a pretty hot Ebony Starlet

By this time we all know we don’t give a fuck here at GhettoGaggers. We treat all the bitches the […]

Persia London ghetto gaggers

think these broads have just come in spun my globe pencil sharpener and pick out a name with a location. […]

Dakota Vixin Testing Out The New Secretary

Ravishing young secretary babe Dakota Vixin receives a hard nasty fuck from her big cock mean boss inside the office.

Ghetto Gaggers Samone Taylor came in thinking she was the shit

After about 5 minutes with us she realized that this is the real thing. She even said, “I thought I […]

Ghetto Gaggers Nadiaa Nasty was full of ghetto sass

and she seriously needed a talking too to get her out of that stupid ghetto frame of mind. Dealing with […]

Gagging Dimples Guess who's back

Not that anyone cares, but Dimples is back for a return visit. I studied her first tape (since it was […]

Holly Hendrix Making a Groupie

His Bitch Sexy young teen cutie Holly Hendrix gets a hard rough fuck punishment from a famous DJ who lives […]

Ghetto Gaggers Flawless Now that's one hell of a name to live up to

… really “Flawless”. She is kinda cute, but no one’s flawless, especially when Bootleg gets his dirty ol’ hands on […]

Ghetto Gaggers Jada Fire

I’m no fireman, but I can tell you Jada Fire’s fire isn’t burning as bright as it was before this […]

Miss LaQueefa is a very shy 18 year old first timer and self proclaimed last timer

Bootleg took her deep into the waters right away without floaties. She tossed her collared greens, then got refueled. This […]

Ziggy Star Fucked Straight Marvelous

sexy teen chick Ziggy Star gets a hard fuck punishment from a behavioral counselor guy with a big cock.

Ghetto Gaggers Sonya Today, Sonya is cheating on her husband

She told us that she don’t let her husband get rough with her so we had to smack this 19 […]

Kiandra Kiandra the Alabama Slamma, there was a lot of first in this Fuck Flick

First off, Kiandra is 19 years old, this is her first porno, and on film we documented her first ever […]

Ghetto Gaggers Amour Amour never did a porn before. Nor did she ever get face fucked

It was extremly meaningful to us to be the first people in this world to destroy her on film. Once […]

Chloe and Trisha All Tied up

Two naughty engaging girls Chloe and Trisha gets fucked one at a time while being tied up by their friend […]

Ghetto Gaggers Renee Renee is another hoodrat most likely born during the crack epidemic

that hit the hood in the late 80s-early 90s. She’s just a little retarded. I just got the vibe her […]

Useless Whore Ok... so her name is Chynna Cash

but yet she’s not mixed with Asian and she’s flat broke. Makes sense, right? What a fucking moron. But wait… […]

Ghetto Gaggers Carmel Sunshine

The name Carmel Sunshine gives you a beautiful mental picture of a golden brown sunrise. Well, get that outta your […]

Ghetto Gaggers Amile Waters Amile Waters

makes her return and she choose Ghetto Gaggers like most smart enterprising whores do, because let’s face it: this is […]

Ghetto Gaggers Jayla Starr

Jayla Starr definitely came in with an agenda. Her agenda was to thwart our efforts. She used “Whore Fu” to […]

Michelle Martinez The Spiteful Whore

Hot sexy ex girlfriend Michelle Martinez gets a hard fuck punishment from a colossal cock dude on a cozy sofa.

Ghetto Gaggers Lil Bit Lil Bit was a lil hood rat that was about 90 lbs of solid whore

She loved to let ole whitey slap her around. I don’t know why but she just loved to be abused […]