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Ghetto Gaggers Monica This chick is as ghetto as you can get

She’s the type that talks loud in a movie theatre, or cuts in line at the amusement park. We fucked […]

Ghetto Gaggers Tyra Fox This ebony cutie came to us with this ghetto superstar attitude

She thought that extreme porn was above her and that she would call the shots during the scene. She was […]

Ghetto Gaggers Kara Kane This was Kara's introduction into extreme porn

She used to be a cheerleader for the Charlotte Hornets. Yes that’s right, she was a Honey Bee! She never […]

Goldie Rush Punishing Dreams Blonde

gorgeous teen girl Goldie Rush gets a rough hard fuck from her boyfriends mammoth sized hard cock and has her […]

Ghetto Gaggers Charm Charm was about as charming as testicular cancer

Aside from her just recently giving birth and had titties full of milk, I was besides myself why new moms […]

Sally Squirt Abandoned Helpless Teen

Gets Wrecked Little pretty sexy brat chick Sally Squirt gets a hard rough fuck from the big tough cock of […]

Ghetto Gaggers Olivia Olivia is one of the sweetest little submissive hoodrats I have ever seen

Let’s just say she’s old school. Like really old school. She likes knowing her role and being smacked around by […]

Ghetto Gaggers Raven Kisses is ghetto pig with a purple thing on her head

I don’t know if its hair dye or animal she had nailed into her weave. But the little hoe had […]

Ghetto Gaggers Cleopatra Jones my ass

more like “Last Call Jones”. This Heffa has an aight face, but needs some Bondo elsewhere. This is her intro […]

Jacqui Banks is a self loathing black chick that has been abused in her personal life by black men

and because of that… won’t fuck them. Sorry brothas! This makes her work today bitter sweet. Bitter in the sense […]

Ghetto Gaggers Evelyn Evelyn was married to a strict born-again Christian

who didn’t let her do anything. He used to beat her too. Nothing like a good holy smack down. Our […]

Ghetto Gaggers Fetish Fetish was a fun lil hood rat

v This is her first porno. She has a boyfriend, a baby’s daddy, and only been with 3 guys; and […]

Ghetto Gaggers Sharon Sharon is a first timer hoodrat

that came in smellin’ like she just bathed in a bucket of KFC. Man, it was like my soul was […]

Ghetto Gaggers Kianti Kianti is a first timer ghetto hoe who never sucked a dick before

She turned 18 years old maybe 10 days ago. She had no idea what was in store for her and […]

Maya Kendrick Things Always Change

Beauteous horny stepsister Maya Kendrick suck and fuck her step bros cock while their parents are gone at their own […]

Ghetto Gaggers Jensie Jensie is a shy and bashful hood-dweller

She has a hand like ET. I don’t know why because she’s not an alien, so I’m going with with […]

Ghetto Gaggers Riyanna Skie got owned today

She is such a little diva that a big white cock going down her ebony throat is equivalent to someone […]

Ghetto Gaggers Jayden Starr

How come every broad in the ghetto thinks they’re a star. The world needs some supporting cast, but in this […]

Venus Venus isn't out of this world, she's right from your local ghetto

She ought, well definitely worth tappin’, better than beating it yourself. She’s basically as useful as a freshly microwaved cantaloupe […]

Ghetto Gaggers Candice Candace Von is one of the hottest pornstars

What was lacking from her career was a good ass whoopin. She needed to get her ebony face drilled by […]

Ghetto Gaggers Raquel Raquel Foxy is a hoodrat who is doing her first porno

Donkey Dick took the lead on this one and fucked her ass up. She never took a big dick in […]

Blown Out Black Ass Unique Suitra is a first and last timer

Trust me on this, she had her fill of porn after this shoot. She arrived all happy and excited and […]

Nicole Garner is a very cute ebony ray of sunshine Why she's here getting face fucked

spit on, and slapped around like a cheap ho is beyond me. Someone is feeding her bad advice, and her […]

Malina Mars Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

Jaw dropping sexy hot teen babe Malina Mars gets a hard fuck punishment while being tied in rope by a […]

Ghetto Gaggers Winter This scene was just crazy

It was Winter’s first scene before she went out to LA. Thats right, her first scene and we destroyed her […]

Ghetto Gaggers Layla Layla is another LA ghetto diva who is being led around by her agent like a show horse

Fuck that LA bullshit because that mentality is dying. If you have a whore, you run her like a race […]

Ghetto Gaggers Kali Kali is a first timer BBW

Big Red hates fucking Big Black Whales. Everytime one shows up he looks at me with rage; which makes for […]

Teen Creeper - Vina Sky - Naughty Asian Schoolgirls Punished

Troublemaking little Asian schoolgirl Vina Sky is supposed to be studying with her friend Mi Ha Doan, but she’s too […]

Teen Creeper Allie Addison - Painter Gets Disciplined

Cute and petite aspiring painter Allie Addison tries to paint nude model Chloe Cooper but her private instructor chastises her […]

Teen Creeper Avery Moon - Punished By Escaped Prisoner

Clueless petite teen Avery Moon doesn’t believe the report that her psycho ex-boyfriend Derrick has escaped prison. When he calls […]

Teen Creeper - Kenzie Reaves - Snitching Bitch Broken

Young blonde teen slut Kenzie Reaves is relaxing at home when she receives a call from a Creeper threatening to […]

Teen Creeper - Bambi Black - Not Going Home Alone

Sexy teen slut Bambi Black is excited for her blind date but is disappointed when it turns out poorly. After […]

Teen Creeper - Jaye Summers - Creepy Repairman

Fit sexy teen Jaye Summers has Brick over to fix her sink. He tells her it’s going to cost $400, […]

Teen Creeper Jane Wilde - Punishment Delivered

Ungrateful little blond teen Jane Wilde chews out the delivery driver for arriving a bit late and even threatens to […]

Teen Creeper Lily Adams - Punished By The Parolee

Cute little rookie cop Lily Adams testified against dirt bag Jax Slayher and got him put away. Now, months later […]